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Who We Are

Catholic Charities of California (CCC) is the single point of access to the statewide network of Local Catholic Charities Organizations (LCCOs). These local organizations make up California’s largest network of private social service providers, delivering more than 1.5 million professional social services to Californians every year.

LCCOs deliver services such as housing, education, food and clothing assistance, senior services, and immigration services, to low-income and vulnerable populations across 25 counties throughout the state of California.  

Each LCCO offers comprehensive case management and an array of supportive services that assist low-income individuals to access to resources and acquire skills to move toward self-sufficiency.​ Click here to find a LCCO offering Nutrition Programs across 25 counties.

What We Do

Catholic Charities of California is a CalFresh Healthy Living State Implementing Agency (SIA), and is the only nonprofit SIA. The CalFresh Healthy Living program supports healthy, active, and nourished lifestyles by providing low-income Californians with access to nutrition education and physical activity education, and by leading healthy community initiatives at the local level.

Catholic Charities of California is also a Prime Contractor for the CalFresh Outreach Program that provides outreach, education, and application assistance to low-income individuals and families to connect them to food benefits. CalFresh Food, known federally as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, is the largest food program in California and provides an essential hunger safety net. CalFresh benefits help augment limited food budgets, allowing individuals and families to afford additional nutritious foods.

Who We Serve

Catholic Charities of California has the unique ability and important role of integrating the CalFresh Healthy Living and CalFresh Outreach programs into an array of related social services such as housing, education, senior services, food assistance, and immigration services. This enables CCC to serve clients holistically through a client-centered case management approach, to address the root causes of health issues related to social determinants and equity, and to support wellness and improved quality of life for California’s underserved and vulnerable populations. Catholic Charities’ Nutrition Programs effectively reach underserved and vulnerable populations who typically experience the greatest health disparities. These populations include immigrants, refugees, children, older adults, and the homeless.

Annually, the CalFresh Healthy Living program reaches over 18,000 people with nutrition and physical activity education, 230,000 through message reinforcement, and over 382,000 from community initiatives.

Annually, the CalFresh Outreach program prescreen over 70,000 individuals, submits over 6,000 applications, and provides support for annual recertification for an average of 400 individuals.

Download CCC's FFY2023 CalFresh Healthy Living Annual Report

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