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EBT Card CVV Enablement and Card Replacement

Updated 6/22/22:

Due to some delays, the EBT CVV functionality will now be enabled this month (June 2022), at which time any EBT card that does not have the CVV embedded (those cards issued prior to October 2019) will be deactivated.

Continue to share the information with clients that if they received a new card in the mail, they must use it to activate it. If their old card becomes deactivated and they did not receive a new card, please have them reach out to the EBT hotline number on the back of their card (877-328-9677) for assistance.



CDSS is going to start enabling the CVV number that is embedded on the magnetic strip of EBT cards issued after October 2019, in order to help prevent EBT theft.

As a result, households that have EBT cards that were issued prior to October 2019 (that do not have this CVV number) will be getting new replacement cards.

These clients will receive their new EBT cards with instructions in the mail throughout this month, and they will need to activate their new card in order to keep using their benefits.

See the All County Letter for more information.

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